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The most effective SharePoint sites, intranets, (and web sites in general) signpost users quickly to the information they need to make decisions, to the tools they need for their daily work, or to contents they require to solve a business problem. Even when search is available, most people start their web experiences by using global navigation.

Benefits of UberMenu for SharePoint Online

In SharePoint Online, there's no out-of-the box feature for global navigation. This can be a bit confusing for users especially if they work across multiple Hub sites or Site collections, as they have to navigate back and forth to access different sites.

UberMenu for SharePoint online overcomes this limitation by providing users an easy way to navigate between all SharePoint sites within your organisation. This will enable you to better organise and showcase important content and sites as well as greatly improve the usability of your intranet. Our UberMenu ensures a consistent global navigation experience so they can find content easily and don't feel lost in the navigation structure.

Good navigation is an important element for SharePoint usability. The Saueglobal UberMenu extension is a great way to promote content and functionality to users.

Once installed the UberMenu navigation component can be add to all SharePoint sites as it is positioned above the out-of-the-box hub sites navigation (2) and current site navigation (3) as described in the image above.

Like the native SharePoint megamenu, the UberMenu navigation layout allows for a panel display of links up to three levels. You can also change the font colour of the main navigation headers or the background colour to match your corporate branding. For example if your primary brand is #DB4455, you can change the UberMenu background like the screen print below: 

How it works

The Saueglobal mega menu solution for SharePoint Online is implemented according to Microsoft and SharePoint Community guidelines and best practices. It is packaged as a standard SharePoint Framework extension (SPFx) which means that it is easy to install and deploy to any SharePoint Online tenant using standard SharePoint knowledge and tools.

In classic SharePoint user interface was often modified by fully overriding the out of the box experience. This, however, blocked any new features from being deployed and therefore caused maintenance and operational challenges for customers.

The SPFx approach means that this deployment will not impact future improvements which Microsoft provides to the SharePoint user interface.

When the app is installed in a site collection (for many clients, this will be the root tenant site), three SharePoint lists are provisioned in the background. Please note that this process can take between 3 - 5 minutes to complete. The user doing the installation is added by default to the Mega Menu security group. Only members of this security group can see the settings control in order to manage the UberMenu global navigation.

Clicking on the setting icon opens up the UberMenu configuration pane. Here you can define the font colour for the main menu headers, background colours on mouseover, add business users to the mega menu security group and, of course, add navigation items to the mega menu lists.

Sign post users to contents that matter

With SharePoint, you can empower business users to build out and organise your sites or your intranet the way you want them to be consumed in context of your content. Our UberMenu for SharePoint global navigation can assist users in creating and sharing structured, easy-to-navigate experiences to your audience.

This is even more important when you colleagues in multiple locations around the world. For example, you may want a global navigation structure for all employees but at the same time, target content to team members in certain regions or countries. With the UberMenu you can achieve this in the configuration of the various level mega menu items.

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