UberMenu FAQs


What is UberMenu?

UberMenu is a user-friendly Mega Menu extension for SharePoint Online. It's been code-named UberMenu because it allows users to navigate back and forth to access different hub sites or site collections with a consistent global navigation experience.

Can you target navigation items to specific users and groups?

Yes. Users can see navigation items based on permissions in the Mega Menu list. By default everyone has read access. You simply need to break permission inheritance for any navigation item you wish to restrict.

Why should we use UberMenu?

The most effective SharePoint sites signpost users quickly to the information they need to make decisions. Even when search is available, most people start by using global navigation. But in SharePoint Online, there's no out-of-the box feature for global navigation. This can be a bit confusing for users especially if they work across multiple Hub sites or Site collections, as they have to navigate back and forth to access different sites. Our UberMenu solution solves this limitation.

We require a customised version for our organisation. Can you help?

Yes we'd be delighted to assist. Please use the contact form below or email us your requirements: sales@saueglobal.com.

What are the license terms?

The UberMenu product is available for a one-time perpetual license fee of £199 for each SharePoint tenant. We are happy to assist with installations and we also provide unlimited lifetime support.

How do I submit a support request?

Easy. Simply navigate to support.saueglobal.com and complete the form. Our support team will respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

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